About Ted7

Shooting for clients like The Peterson Museum, Bugatti, Rezvani, Guntherwerks, Michelin, Koenigsegg, various other celebrities, and executives, Ted7 gives a glimpse of the world’s most rare and exquisite automobiles. Ted7 is an award-winning photographer with over a decade of experience in automotive photography. His passion for automobiles is exhibited through his unparalleled skill and vision he uses to capture amazing angles of the supercars and hypercars as seen in his work. One can check out his and buy prints of his best works at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

Affordable & Outstanding Automotive Photography

  • Are you looking to sell your car quickly? Quality photography will drastically increase the number of phone calls and boost the rate at which your vehicle sells. Besides the shots, we edit our photos professionally and store them in a private album that you can share or download pictures individually. Our high quality photos attract customers by displaying your car professionally and attractively while providing a realistic and honest look at your vehicle.

    Do you have a beautiful car and you want a framed poster of it? Or are you trying to sell one and need to have every single angle to be photographed? Find more information about our Automotive Photography service that we provide in South Los Angeles, Riverside County and Orange County, California.

    Amazing Classic Car Photography

    • If you are the proud owner of an automotive gem, a collectible, or a one-off car, we'll photograph it beautifully, taking care and shoot from angles that accentuate the car's design. We can shoot practically anywhere you'd like the photos of your car, we even offer rolling shots which actually is one of my favorite kind of shooting!

      Do you have an exceptional car or you are trying to sell one? Find more information about our Classic Car Photography service we provide in Orange County, California.

      Memorable Event & Car Meeting Photography

      • Planning an automotive event or meeting in Southern California? Whether you're planning a car show or your car club's next track day, TED7 Automotive Photography is sure to exceed your expectations! From rolling photo shoots in our media car, to individual car photoshoots, contact us to make that happen!

        Read more about Ted7 Automotive Event & Car Meeting photography in Southern California

        Other Photography Services

        • We also shoot parties or events unrelated to the automobile world, group photos, restaurant photography, hotel photography, culinary photography, car accessories photography, furniture photography, watches and jewelry, architecture photography, and more...

          Contact us if you need anything to be photographed "the right way"