Automotive Photography

"To shoot beautiful photographs of automobiles, you need to love automobiles! You have to know how to choose the right angle, how to play with reflections, how to take advantage of natural light, how to deal with shadows, and how to emphasize little details and playing with colors! That's what I do... everyday. And I love it!

I'm a car passionate and I love to share that passion with other car lovers! Contact me if you ever want to schedule a private photo shoot in Southern California (Orange County - Los Angeles - San Diego - Riverside), or if you just found my site while searching for amazing cars, please, enjoy your visit. And don't hesitate to leave me some feedback!

I also specialized in shooting cars or motorcycles in action! Tracking shots, rolling shots, panning shots, these techniques are giving a feeling of action absolutely unique and dynamic!

Welcome to my passion!" -Ted7

We are located in South Orange County (Irvine). If you are interested in having a photo shoot of your car, motorbike, RV, Coach or for your entire car dealer inventory, please contact us by filling up our contact form here or by phone at (949) 878-1216.